We are offering our sincere apology to those families who have not yet received their letters from Santa.
It seems the letters have fallen victim to post office delays. Our members organized the project as a way for local residents to send letters to their loved ones while also raising money for the Stark County Humane Society. We checked with the post office before launching the initiative and followed their recommendation to set a deadline of December 15 to ensure delivery by Christmas.
Fifty letters that were dropped off at the Cleveland Ave post office before December 15 were not delivered. Letters that were taken to the Spangler Ave post office arrived at their destination. Several members have tried to locate the letters in the hopes they could hand-deliver them with no success.
We are heartbroken for the families who have been anxiously awaiting the delivery of their letters. We took all the steps to ensure the program's success, not realizing the extent of our postal system's issues.

The Club will refund all those who request the return of their donation and donate the $650 raised for the Humane Society.